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Inspired by the idea of creating a light and minimal presence in a forest, the inhabitable roof concept was developed. The primitive concept of architecture was to create shelter, and the roof is the definitive form of it. The lightness of the design was achieved by using six slender 5 3/8” x 16” CLT columns. The result is a structure that blends itself within the forest. Three linear, intersecting volumes that create a spatial difference. The programs weave and generate a fluid transition from inside to outside space in the design.

The design aims at creating a green and self-sustaining home. The structure is designed to be prefabricated and assembled on-site for minimal obstruction to the forest. The structure houses PV Panels, a rainwater harvesting system, and sewage treatment. The different systems are treated as an opportunity in the design, embedded within the details of the project.

House In Forest_sketch
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